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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is the best city market and munch a little. residents of eastern ukraine are stunned by the army's relentless assault which killed over one hundred civilians within the space of a single week. also in the week's top stories russian trucks bringing tons of aid to besieged lugansk after over a week long holed up at the border be humanitarian mission being quickly dubbed and then by the west. calls for justice over the killing of an all normal block teenager in the u.s. city of ferguson or applying to with tear gas and rubber bullets even journalists were harassed by the security forces. from johnson what's the reason for ordering
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the press out what's really bothering about the break up here president was that i actually didn't buy. the book beheading of an american journalist by radicalized brisson to join the islamic state highlights the threat to muscle a p.r. campaign in your. names you know neal in your welcome to the weekly on our to wrap up of the top stories from the past seven days and right up to the moment developments as well. we begin in eastern ukraine where a family of three have been killed during shellings all of residential areas internet the army is tightening its grip around one of the country's largest cities and in another attempt to seize it from government fighters a mother
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a father on their eleven year old daughter running to a shelter when the bombing began a rocket landed next to them on the street some forty people have been killed in the nets this week a shelves hit apartment buildings hospitals and churches polis lior reports. this is how independence day is being marked here in donetsk massive shelling particularly in the eastern part of the city as you can see something like thirteen fires that have broken out in the city just of a have a some smoke warehouse has been hit now if we walk in here you can actually see that what was part of the market i think has been destroyed i mean the windows are blown away and you can see a lot of the motion dance on the ground the scary part about being here right now is that you can actually smell in the air this burning. of musician bits of universities that it goes against the audio they did get this is now the same two of didn't it square in the early hours of sunday morning the local time in hospital
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was hit there were at least five mortars that were fired at the local morgue. and this is a very different mood she was trying to make you know we're not a problem in the square people showing their support for russia. right. here in london where people are setting out to show that this is by his continuing military offensive they will remain resolute according to see our team you have to make eastern ukraine. locals in the neighboring city of say no words safe from the army shelling with residential areas coming under fire dealy archies refinishing reports from the embattled city. the devastation of we worried shelling we were here last fall days ago and we've returned to find guns bare in the scars of sustained attack kiev is calling this
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a full on assault the final stage of its military operation and the fact it's having the locals is all too clear every day residential areas of the city of like gonski being targeted fortunately when this five story apartment building was hit no word was heard by the time had happened almost all the residents have already fled minutes later we come across two of the handful of people still living here and they're clearly terrified. that the. many of those still here high the elderly hold to seek to leave them again like elenor they're forced to take shelter in their basements when the shelling begins they do as they're dug did you look out at me mohammad got a chilling look at the lashing media i don't know what that will eventually they
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are going to spot you can i have the hornet across the globe then your point of blowing up the real fear floated the obama i don't know but i'll be yelled at oh but i hung in the boat but it really angered her i was there although this is the scene in lugansk central market it was heat on monday but the smell of burning still haunts having only air and steam in the line of fire this is a ghost city market and mon cher to fear because it was. we rushed to the nearest bomb shelter and other basement. candles can still be found in the shops and they've become crucial in a city without electricity. just about to start for the northeast ahead of her. show her just minutes away from us the near constant
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bombardment is taking its toll on locals who are. near and dear to her. big tory tells us she has little choice but to take what you nugent only a couple. nettles you know you could be thousands of refugees have pulled out of the guns to escape the recent shelling and even if this turns out to be the final assault on the city as the government in kiev claims the effects of this is stained fighting will be felt by civilians here for many years to come. in lugansk ukraine. after weeks without food and water a russian aid convoy this week finally reached desperate ukrainians who lined up to get basic supplies the convoy is now back in russia after on the ring tones of russians are also vital medicines in less than twenty four hours two hundred eighty
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trucks in all made their way through war torn eastern ukraine after being stalled at the border for over a week he of us reluctant to let the column through citing a lack of proper checks and documentation the international red cross said it was disappointed with the delay when the aid was so desperately needed. the i.c.r.c. regrets that customs in fact inspections as agreed to between the russian federation and ukrainian authorities where delayed by the ukrainian authorities the many german situation there is dire. we found the city without water. without electricity without supplies. and cut off from the rest of the world and we as a mage is to add central infrastructure. despite the humanitarian mission the west quickly suggests that the aid column was
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a russian invasion and the hysteria was found by headlines like the comparing the convoy to a trojan horse and even saying that the trucks really are to re units there was some reaction to those accusations the hypocrisy here is really off the scale isn't it because it seems ok for the western powers to bomb sovereign states for humanitarian reasons but it's not ok for russia the same did a humanitarian aid convoy if russia did invade ukraine we know about it would only the ukrainians we're not going to allow this convoy is pretty clear they're going to find any excuse to stop it from going through and as they were doing this people are being killed and dying in the east of ukraine and that really is outrageous the double standards here this is the pinnacle of hypocrisy there it's clear that there is no invasion it's clear that the convoy is purely humanitarian and it's clear that the arrival of the convoy has a point to underscore to the rest of the world that there is no invasion that the
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only people suffering here are the peaceful people in eastern ukraine that their own government is trying to murder and that's a problem and so they need to divert attention from this to some sort of hypocritical talk of russian invasion. but it's not only ukraine's east that's been left to deal with the consequences of the violence this is the western ukrainian city of laval were eleven survivors were buried. they died in action in the countries and family and friends gathered to pay their last respects while the coffins were carried to the sound of the national. the international red cross has joined the search for. a russian photojournalist who disappeared in ukraine almost three weeks ago the spot an international outcry his whereabouts remain unknown and kiev insists there's no information the un the e.u. very strong groups on journalists or run the globe are all demanding secure his release thirty three year old stan and his work for many international news
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organizations such as reuters on the associated press this is what his mother had to say. you know saddam was good mom wouldn't be school the school didn't like them we. get to get a. look at the new sparkly over to the place it could be. heavily armed units armored vehicles not a war zone but the streets of the u.s. city of ferguson where protesters calling for justice for a teen shot dead by the police have been met by security forces wielding tear gas and rubber bullets are two age over michael brown's killing has echoed all across the country as marina port i reports. unrest driven by anger over michael brown's
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death carried on for a second week demonstrators on the streets of ferguson once again met with tear gas rubber bullets and flash grenades freedom of the press was also under threat as our own correspondent was engulfed in a cloud of tear gas right now you can see behind me look they're firing this is either tear gas all are small cannons that have also been used throughout these nights oh hour wait let's go let's go. guys can get just a it's a fair to say oh my god i did other reporters faced death threats from police. oh yes i have i have here. in the seat louis city the first amendment was confined to a media pan and at least six journalist were arrested for attempting to do their job health insurance what's the reason for ordering the press out what's the reason overgaard about throwing a great look at your breast i don't drive a carrot you better take your bar where are all the ribs on the fire going to try
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to lay my photos was still in a walking with very little saw code for all of the photos photos and butts of the office on trial it's decided that's going to be good enough who decided that we got to handcuff the robber all to. roughly two hundred ten people have reportedly been arrested since the aug tenth protests began including nineteen year old holocaust survivor hedy epstein police has and try to incite the people in ferguson of the people they come to the demonstrations. to or if they become live a more violent then the police will become even more violent that will be their excuse criticism surrounding heavy handed police tactics deepened wednesday when a few miles from ferguson another black man who allegedly shoplifted from a store was shot dead by white police officers may powell was brandishing. and
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knife but instead of using a taser or other nonfatal methods cops fired nine shots into the twenty five year old the militarization of america's law enforcement has made front page news around the world critics say arming local cops with war weapons fuels a more aggressive type of policing that lacks accountability the ugly images of america's militarized police and beating people in the streets and riot. troops and soldiers in the military on its own citizens as woken the world up that america speaks for by the end of the week police clashes and protests decreased significantly as temperatures in ferguson have around thirty seven degrees celsius meanwhile the st louis grand jury has already begun hearing evidence to determine if ferguson officer gerald wilson should be charged with the death of michael brown a decision is expected in october but the makeup of the jury may good night a wave of backlash to see nine white people and only three black people were chosen
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as jurors the on even representation may spark a new feeling of injustice causing the public to accuse the process of being bias. r.t. ferguson. the mainstream media is being accused of launching a smear campaign against michael braun dumping hundreds of protesters to march on the headquarters of c.n.n. in atlanta demonstrators say the channel has focused on the slain teen's pasta auctions in a bid to incriminate him independent media editor daniel schecter sees the mainstream is racially biased. so one thing a lot of the media people are why they don't know much about what's happening in the black community they tend to buy into a lot of the stereotypes where they don't really have good sources. a community doesn't have the same level of organization and leadership to challenge that you know when some white defendant you know commits a crime there's
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a tendency to say well he's such a good boy we can't understand how this could have happened but when a young black man is in the same situation in a community where you know young black people are being criminalized marj numbers this it lack of sympathy and lack of empathy a lack of compassion a lack of understanding this is a story of how the poor in a way are also being demonized and made invisible in our society it's much deeper than just racial in its outcome you know it may look racial but it's also economic and often that's what's not being covered in any real way. human rights watch dogs are investigating allegations that police brutality across the u.s. could be reached the motivated the american civil liberties union has released a report a reaction to the violence in missouri the group sees the start of polish use have created a climate of racial profiling targeting the black population human rights advocates
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stressed that young black americans in particular are subjected to killings beatings and are otherwise harassed by police even when they're doing nothing wrong . another story of police brutality this time in europe coming up after a short break. but those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian opposition we will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists.
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eugenics but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was never really stolen from believing in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of death he did for years rarely discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right.
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welcome back to the program the world was left in shock this week by the barbarous decapitation of an american journalist by jihad us from the islamic state before being executed he was forced to deny his country's recent earth strikes on islam fighters into the horrible us the realisation that the man holding the blade was actually a radicalized britain that you how to salsa threaten to kill another captured us journalist if america continues its operation be a sonic states p.r. campaign is having an impact not only in the u.k. but across europe as artie's gynae chicken reports. the hardest of these lawmakers state use all the west can offer to spread their message and not to hollywood in this hour long film featuring slow motion explosions you rocky soldiers digging their own graves and a catchy title the claiming of the swords for. these lawmakers state has flooded social media with videos of their sadistic attacks and they were when they stormed
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most or many iraqi soldiers fled their post apparently aware of what their fate would be if they were captured while on duty. the islamic state has launched a sophisticated social media application which allows them to use their followers accounts to send out centrally written updates thousands of already downloaded the sample occasion released simultaneously their messages swamp social media it gives isis a far larger online reach than their own accounts would otherwise allow not only images of beheadings that militants distribute through social media but also skillfully edited promo videos showing their soft side in this one jihad is sore handing out ice cream to kids another video shows an islamic state militant visiting his fellow fighters in hospital with an encouraging message kids. of the best medium for them to need all the living the usual in few years these people are
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able to carry arms and they will be ordered he will be in book three mated with this violence. to. their goal isis is also working to recruit young people all over the world bragging about their advances leaflets like these are spread through social media sometimes their call for martyrdom comes with the knowledge to popular video games like call of duty some of the images look like postcards with his story gear appeals sites in the background jihadi sympathizers or even calling for people to join the islamic state on street the. it's of london. using. dollar tree in terms of advertisement very well islamic state finders post photos of their day to day life on social media my first time writes one british jihadi underneath a facebook photograph of his bloody tent apparently after killing someone first of many writes a friend after images with severed heads some post pictures of their cats. state is
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even promoting a hipster variation of a jihadi this is a law school graduate from cairo who before joining the isis was apparently preoccupied with his body having posted a series of photos in a gym their recruitment propaganda targets young people those who use modern gadgets who play video games and watch hollywood movies and those who are perhaps going through an identity crisis of some sort in this self promotion the islamic state has gone farther than any other jihad is group in washington i'm going to check on r.t. . the islamic state was denounced even by al qaida for being too brutal but even these merciless killers have their achilles heel it seems in the form of female and kurdish soldiers they are ready to take only islamists looking to avenge the thousands of women captured and executed by the islamic state and for the job as the female fighters it was a very specific threat. they believe that if you're killed by
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a woman there's no place in heaven for you this is a video of some of the volunteers joining the all female units they train and fight alongside me soldiers. hey. at least ten people were injured five of them seriously when mounted riot police charged the demonstrators in sweden on saturday police forces trampled several people while one man was hit by a fan several people were arrested a planned rally against the far right party spiraled out of control in the city of malmo was clashes erupted between police and protesters it all started when around fifteen hundred activists gathered to disrupt a speech by the leader of the swedish new nazi party tension mounted firecrackers and smoke bombs were thrown to the on rest comes ahead of the country's parliamentary vote picture dyess the chairman of the communist party of sweden
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believes that in his country the police can do what it likes. we have seen many protests against the new nazis groups. for months. the police don't want. to be disturbed. to seize control while in the case at least ten people ended up in a hospital do you believe that the police will be held accountable for their actions and. is weird and there never a police accountable for these sort of things we have seen situations similar to the. several times. and in. russia importing certain european foods in response to western sanctions has triggered concern across the continent. in spain farmers tipped i crates of fruit on burned flags venting their anger at brussels some producers there are bracing for a sharp drop in prices choose to the recently imposed russian embargo trade unions
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say this will also mean significant job losses and it's not just a concern for spanish farmers. i think we'll fix them so the sanctions people are very pessimistic no nobody explains to farmers what's happening they don't know what the future will hold right now we have no other market to send produce to apart from the russian one i really disagree with the use decision to impose these sanctions on russia it was a big mistake because we never had any problems with russia listen we're broke we've come to a dead end nobody cares about us except gold nobody cares how much money we need how are we going to survive. china is hosting record breaking military games with russia online read about the largest ever anti terrorist drills involving some seven thousand troops tanks helicopters and fighter jets. tens of thousands of new jobs fully renewable energy and free higher education
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that's the ambitious platform of a new party new zealand founded by kim dotcom notorious activists dubbed by supporters as the country's newest superhero head tortie dot com for all the details. wiki leaks co-founder julian assange has dropped another bombshell this week but his latest revelation actually concerned his two year of voluntary confinement in the ecuadorian embassy in london. but. the. the british authorities are threatening to extradite a sons to sweden the moment he steps outside the embassy he's wanted there over accusations of sexual assault but the whistleblower denies the allegations and fears that he will end up in the hands of the u.s. which is hunting him in connection with his revelations so why would he leave now or according to his associates it's to to a new law that bans extradition without charges. what's happened here which hasn't
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been widely reported but it's certainly important is that the laws changed regarding the european arrest warrant laws changed in the sense that no one no one now in britain can be extradited against their will to a country without being charged and of course as everybody knows what's significant about julian of songes difficulty is that he's never been charged i can confirm that he is ready to leave the embassy as soon as the police presence here is called off in the u.k. authorities decide to give him safe passage to ecuador. which of course the up lies to the border to international agreements that they have signed. pulls up close and the nation chooses a new leader who will inherit a legacy of years of rampant corruption that's brought the country to the brink artie's been listening to the hopes of the citizens who have seized their chance to make a change if you do not hold mostly as much as you we need to stop dividing of imposed
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into friends and foes this country should belong to the whole nation not an exclusive group of people of the because of these militias to do we need jobs we want to feel we're living in a free country and we don't want to wait for centuries for us to happen my goodness the people have realized we can't carry on living like this if it happens in five years upon to me cease to exist. a quick check on headlines and brief from around the world now starting in the gas a strip authorities in california have declared a state of emergency will get to the gaza strip in just a moment excuse me after an earthquake hit the san francisco bay area it's the largest in a quarter of a century nearly ninety people have been injured three of them critically there's been significant damage to buildings and public facilities nearly seventy thousand homes have been left without power. and in the gaza strip the place five people have been killed in a fresh series of this really rare strikes three large buildings and several
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vehicles were also destroyed on saturday has really strikes killed ten palestinians mostly women and children the number of people killed in gaza surpassed the twenty one hundred mark this weekend. after the break we followed several young men on their journey to fulfill their dream and join russia's special forces in the u.k. we take a closer look at the child vaccine debate currently ongoing in the u.s. . just the other week on the program we discussed how it's technically illegal but not very motivating to impose a curfew on to minors but now that adults are protesting in ferguson missouri the government is placing a curfew on them i'd like to make a small speculation warning this curfew is probably an excuse to break up the protesters what you disperse angry people of a lot of their energy to protest is also dispersed but let's think about this if
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you take a look at the constitution there are two effective hours listed it doesn't say works from nine to five minutes just because crowd control the darkness is much more difficult and scary for the police doesn't mean that your ability to protest vanishes along with the sun in the evening regardless of whether you agree with the protesters or whether you agree with the idea of protesting at night or not i think is beyond question that. you cannot impose a curfew on adults in the united states just because the last two prison sees have used the constitution as toilet paper does not make it somehow invalid at night but that's just my opinion. to flapping in america because every single day jamie diamond victim that is the american economy shows up in bloody great did you know that and they're saying oh it wasn't me that it was in t.v. .


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